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Meet your Doula

Hey there! I’m your doula Mercedes or you can call me Moe, I’m a wife and mother of three.  After a year of training and working diligently with some of the best instructors and guiding my amazing clients I became a @doulatrainingsint full spectrum doula October 2021. I’ve always had a passion for helping and advocating for women and guiding them on how to show up for themselves. I’m excited to hold space for mama's going through the postpartum journey, I get a chance to mother the mother as she steps into a new role .This work is very sacred to me and I’m excited to be here for all mom's. My intention is to help mothers heal physically and emotionally as they transition into motherhood. My goal for every mom I cross paths with is to awaken their inner knowledge and empower themselves to bloom and  flourish when I leave their side.

We are a non-medical trained professional that provides birthing parents with emotional and physical support.

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