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Meet your Doula

The Support You Deserve

Hey there! I’m your doula Mercedes or you can call me Moe, I’m a wife and mother of three. After a year of training and working diligently with some empowering instructors and guiding my amazing clients I became a @doulatrainingsint full spectrum doula October 2021. I’ve always had a passion for helping and advocating for people and guiding them on how to show up for themselves. I’m excited to hold space for people that look like me, I know how important it is to be able to see someone and they can relate to you during this intimate precious time. This work is very sacred to me and I’m excited to be here for you✨My intentions with The Lotus House is to create a safe space where birthing parents can be well informed and feel confident when it’s time to give birth and open to receive guidance during postpartum, that’s where teamwork and support will really be needed . The future space for The Lotus House Detroit will be a sacred space where birthing parents come for birthing classes, prenatal yoga, prenatal massage and nutritional education from prenatal to postpartum. We would like to also provide an option at The Lotus House Detroit where you can give birth if you choose not to labor in the hospital. I am very excited to bring you all along the way as we grow!
We are a non-medical trained professional that provides birthing parents with emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy and birthing. As a Doula, we want to be there for you. Let’s get started.

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